Are Converse Good for Skating? Detailed Q & A Guide

Footwears are an important part of skating and skateboarders. Everyone has their own preference and style. Because of this, the choice of footwear can vary wildly from one skater to another. If you are like me, you must be looking for a cheaper option than Nike, or Adidas. Well, why not give converse a shot?

Surprised? Well, I don’t blame you. When I first started wearing converse for skating, I expected nothing but the worst. But to my amazement, the design of these shoes makes them exceptional for skateboarding. And after some research, I figured out why.

If you are wondering whether to take your trusty converse skating, this article is for you. I will give you all the information you would want to understand why converse shoes are such a great option for skateboarding.

Is Skating in Converse Bad?

No, skating in converse is not bad at all. In fact, converse shoes are one of the most popular and affordable options for skating. These shoes have decent traction, offer excellent stability, and are quite lightweight. All of these features make them a valid option as a skating shoe.

Even commercial models like All-Star can work well for this type of activity. But if you want the perfect experience, you can try out their skate-friendly Converse CONS. This model was designed specifically with skateboarding in mind.

What Makes Converse a Good Skate Shoe?

A converse has many features which can make it a good choice as a skate shoe. It is cheap and ticks all the right boxes that you would want in your footwear while skating.

Here are the main reasons why converse shoes are such a great option for skateboarders.

1.   Flat Sole:

One of the main reasons why converse shoes are so popular among weightlifters and skateboards is their flat sole. Since a converse has a flat outer sole, you do not get any arch support. But for an activity like skateboarding arch support is not all that important.

Thanks to the flat sole design, however, your feet will remain firmly planted with a fuller contact on the surface. This will make it easier to stay balanced when you are rolling on your skateboard. In fact, most skateboarding shoes out there have a flat sole similar to converse.

2.   Excellent Traction

A skateboard shoe requires good traction. Otherwise, you will lose balance and fall off the board. Converse shoes, thanks to the sole design, offers excellent traction giving you a good grip on the surface. So, when you are skateboarding, your shoes will stay firmly planted on the board.

Converse Cons are actually better for skateboarding as the traction is noticeably better. I own a pair myself, and never had any balance or stability issues with it in all my years of skating. This is a choice that I can safely recommend to my friends without any second thoughts.

3.   Lightweight

Converse shoes are among the lightest footwear you will find on the market. This not only makes them a comfortable choice for casual wearing but also enhances their effectiveness for activities like skating or deadlifting. After all, you do not want to wear a heavy pair of boots when skating.

Because of the lightweight and unrestricted nature of converse shoes, they work superbly for skating. You will be light on your feet and can make quick turns without spraining your ankle. This is a great feature to have in any skating shoes.

4.   Affordable

One of the main reasons I opted to give converse shoes a go is their price. Converse shoes are extremely affordable. I could buy at least two nice pairs of converses for the price of a single Timberland. That alone makes it an option that is well worth considering for anyone on a budget.

For the price it asks, the performance you get out of these shoes is amazing. A good pair of converse should also last you for quite a while if you are only using them for skating. Besides, if one pair of converse gets ruined, you can always get another one for quite cheap. You will be saving a lot of money on shoes while skating by going with converse.

5.   Decent Durability

One can make the argument that converse shoes are not exactly durable and he would be right. However, if you are strictly using it for skating and take care of it from time to time, it can last you quite a while. As long as you remember to clean your shoe, its durability should be pretty decent.

Yes, skating is a rough activity. But it does not impact your shoes as much as running or walking around. Since you are not walking with your converse all the time, it will last a lot longer than normal. Even a worn-out pair of converse can serve you quite well while skating.

Ankle Support: Low-tops, Mid-tops, or High-tops?

Converse shoes come in three main variants, Low-tops, Mid-tops, and High-tops. Though you could practically wear any one of them while skating, your experience would differ slightly. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these designs will help you figure out which one you want to wear.

So here is a quick breakdown for you:

· Low-Tops:

If mobility is your priority, and safety and support take a backseat, then the low-top converse is what you want. This type of converse lets you access a greater range of motion. However, since you have little to no support, you are likely to get hurt while skating. 

Low-tops are also quite lightweight. To a lot of pro skaters, low tops are often the better choice. However, they can cause rolled ankles which can hurt a lot if you skate regularly. I feel like low-top converse is only viable for activities like jogging. But I would not use a converse for running anyways.

· High-Tops:

Finally, you have the high-top converse which is at the pinnacle of ankle safety and support. However, there is a big trade-off with this design. Since this design of shoes surrounds your entire ankle to provide improved support, it also greatly limits your range of motion.

High-top converse also features extra cushioning for the best levels of protection. So, you will not feel the bumps from the skateboard as much. But since your ankle is covered fully, it will sweat a lot more due to restrictions in airflow. Go with high-top converse if you want a safe skating experience.

· Mid-Tops:

In the dead centre of the spectrum lies mid-top converse. Personally, I feel like these are the best choice for skaters. These shoes offer a great balance of security and mobility. This means you will get a decent degree of protection without sacrificing your ankle motion and movements.

Mid-top converse can be a good choice for beginners too. You will be able to move freely without feeling constricted by your shoe. This is what I use, and I believe that anyone who wants to use converse for skating should use this one.

Comparable Brands

If you are still not sure about using converse for skating, there are a couple of other brands you might want to check out. Other than converse, my top three options are Vans, Adidas, and Nike.


This brand is a great choice for skaters in particular. A lot of professional skaters use Vans. Their shoes come in a lot of different styles. In fact, you can order a custom-made shoe specific to your requirements from them.


Adidas is a big name in the sporting industry. They made their entry into the skating world in the nineties and have quickly become a mainstay. Their unique blend of skating and hip-hop gives their shoes a fresh new look.


Nike might not be a big name for skateboards. However, their Nike SB line of products is worth checking out. They started manufacturing these shoes only in 2002. These shoes are lightweight and have decent cushioning making them a good choice for skateboarding,

Can You Skate in Any Shoes?

It depends. If you are simply cruising on a skateboard, you can wear any shoes you want. Heck, you can even skate barefoot without any issues. However, if you are skating in the park trying to pull off tricks, you need to think carefully about your footwear.

For skating, it is best to go with a light pair of shoes that lets you move your ankles effortlessly. The shoe also needs to have decent traction and be durable enough to last you quite a while. Converse shoes are a great choice in that regard.

Should Skateboarding Shoes Be Tight or Loose?

This is a pretty common question among new skaters and an understandable one. Ideally, a tight shoe while skating is better than a loose one. The last thing you want is your shoe coming off when you are skating.

However, if the shoe is too tight, it will be uncomfortable for you. The trick is tying up the lace tight enough that it will not come off, yet loose enough that it is comfortable to skate while wearing it.

Final Thoughts

Skating is a fun way to blow off steam and blend your athletic and creative side. And with the right shoe at your feet, you can become a pro skater in no time. Your choice of shoe has a huge impact on your ability to skate efficiently. Converse shoes are a good and cheap option as skating shoes. I have been using them for years, and after reading this article, you should not have to think twice about picking one off the shelves for yourself.

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