Are Dr Martens Good Work Boots

Dr. Martens, Doc Martens, or Docs is a popular shoe brand that is known for its high-quality work boots. Their simple yet elegant design, interior cushioning, and in some cases, steel toe reinforcements make them a formidable choice as work boots.

Long story short, yes, Doc Martens are good as work boots. However, not all of their shoes are work boots. These days, the brand has amassed quite a huge collection of stylish and practical boots for all intents and purposes. I had the good fortune of owning a couple of them myself.

In this article, I will give you a thorough explanation of the validity of Doc Martens as work boots so that you can understand why I always vouch for this brand whenever someone is looking for boots for work.

What Makes Doc Martens Good as Work Boots

Doc Martens are almost universally acknowledged as the best type of work boots you can find on the market. Whichever model or design you buy from the brand, you will get some common features. These features are what make these shoes such a good choice as work boots.

In the following section, I will share a few reasons why Doc Martens boots are so good for work.

1. Durable Construction

Doc Martens shoes are made keeping longevity in mind. As a result, any pair of shoes you buy from them will last you quite a long time regardless of how you use them. Most of these shoes feature leather construction or a blend of leather and synthetic materials.

The soles of these shoes are also made using high-quality rubber with excellent traction. Not only is the rubber quality good, but it is also quite thick ensuring you have a firm stride. Investing in a pair of Doc Martens is a good idea if you want a long-lasting shoe that can handle any type of abuse.

2. Comfortable to Wear

If a boot does not feel comfortable on your feet, you will not be able to wear it for a prolonged period. And when it is a work boot, comfort is of utmost importance. Thankfully, Doc Martens take user comfort pretty seriously, which you can clearly see from their design.

Sure, in the beginning, these shoes feel a bit stiff, as do most leather boots. However, once you give them enough time to break in, it becomes much easier to wear. And the interior cushioning ensures that you also feel extremely comfortable on your feet. Blisters or foot aches will never be an issue with these shoes.

3. Minimal Break-In Required

You noticed how I mentioned that leather shoes require some breaking in? Although leather is a pretty flexible material, it tends to be quite stiff at first. That is why most leather shoes feel a bit tighter or uncomfortable to wear the first couple of times.

With Doc Martens shoes, the time required to break in the shoes is quite short. Typically, leather shoes take around a month to become fully comfortable. However, you can start wearing Doc Martens boots to work just after one or two weeks of breaking in.

4. Protective Design

Doc Martens’ work boots come with an extremely protective design that keeps your feet safe. Hard leather, on its own, is a pretty strong material. But in addition to that, most of their work boots feature a strong steel toe. So even if a rock falls on your boot, you should come out just fine.

However, keep in mind that not all of their shoes come with a steel toe. Only the boots designed specifically for work feature these toe boxes. The addition of steel toes also makes these shoes a bit heavier. If your work requires you to move around often, these might not be such a good choice.

5. Amazing Arch Support

Good arch support in the shoe is essential if you are going to stand around for a long time wearing it. This is another field where Doc Martens shoes come out better than most of the other work boots on the market. The arch support design of their shoes accommodates a wide variety of feet type.

If you feel that the arch support in your Doc Martens boot is not comfortable for you, you can also change it by replacing the insert. You can install a custom insert that accommodates your specific arch for a better experience. Since I have flat feet, I always change the insert in my shoes after buying them.

6. Spacious Interior

A common complaint about work boots is that they can feel a bit suffocating. With Doc Martens shoes, however, this is no longer a problem. These shoes are quite roomy after you put them on. Frankly, I was quite surprised when I tried it out myself.

With Doc Martens work boots your feet will not feel restricted. The manufacturers make sure to put in enough space for your feet to breathe freely. Remember, breaking in is the key. The more you wear these shoes, the easier they start to feel.

Types of Boots Doc Martens Produces

Doc Martens as a brand has come a long way since its conception. These days, they have a large catalogue of shoes that offer different functions. The three most common types of boots that Doc Martens makes are, work boots, orthopaedic boots, and combat boots.

Here is a quick discussion on the different types of boots they produce.

Work Boots

The work boots by Doc Martens are known far and wide because of their excellent protection and comfort. These boots are perfect if you are a construction worker, or if your job requires you to stand or walk around all day. They feature a simple, no-nonsense design.

Most of their work boots also feature a steel toe for some added protection. Typically, these shoes also come with a slip-resistant outsole and have a good amount of interior padding. These shoes are also quite durable and can survive any rough condition with little to no trouble.

Doc Martens work boots can also be classified into four different categories. They are:

  • Anti-Static boots: Aimed at those whose work requires them to be in close proximity to electrical charges. These shoes are grounded and can protect you from electrocution or shock. So, if you have to work on electrical lines, these are the boots for you.
  • Safety Plate boots: These boots are a great choice for construction workers because of the safety steel plate at the front of the shoe. The metallic plate at the toe can protect your feet from falling debris or objects.
  • Non-Metallic Toe boots: Non-metallic toe is the same as safety plate boots with one exception. Instead of a metallic toe, these shoes come with a plate made of composite materials. So, you can pass them through metal detectors without any issue. These shoes are also lighter than safety plate boots
  • Slip-resistant boots: Although most of their work boots are slip-resistant, these specially designed boots are much more stable. These shoes are best for plumbers who often have to work in a slippery environment. In addition, these shoes are almost always waterproof.

Orthopaedic Boots

The Orthopaedic boots by Doc Martens are a great choice for people suffering from foot aches or other conditions frequently. With these shoes, comfort is the prime concern. They come with excellent interior cushioning to ensure you will not be the least bit uncomfortable.

These shoes can be quite therapeutic for your feet. Even if you are suffering from aching feet, wearing these boots will alleviate some of the pain giving you some much-needed relief. Unlike the work boots, these shoes do not feature any steel toes and are quite lightweight.

Combat Boots

Doc Martens combat boots can survive a nuclear holocaust if it is ever needed. Featuring a sturdy upper made using high-quality leather and reinforced stitching to hold it all together, durability is never a concern with these boots. On top of that, they are also quite stylish.

In terms of comfort, they can be pretty decent. Some people have had mixed results hiking with these shoes. Typically, these shoes are highly resistant to oil, fat, petrol, or alkali and come with an air-cushioned sole for better comfort. These shoes can also be quite expensive.

Are Dr Martens Good for Standing All Day?

If you are wearing a Doc Martens work boot, you should be perfectly comfortable even if you are standing the whole day. Since these shoes are designed to offer support and comfort in a hectic work condition, the interior comes with excellent levels of cushioning.

Besides, the interior of these shoes is also quite roomy which keeps your feet cool and fresh. As a result, the strain of standing around the whole day is greatly reduced. Long story short, if you have to stand around in a pair of shoes the whole day, Doc Martens is a great choice.

Do Doc Martens Work as Rain Boots?

It depends on the boot that you are wearing. There are a lot of Doc Martens shoes that are water and mud-resistant. Wearing those shoes in the rain should never be a problem. However, if the shoe itself is not water-resistant or waterproof, you should avoid getting it wet.

Typically, the waterproof or water-resistant shoes by Doc Martens feature a synthetic upper instead of leather. If you want to decide whether to wear your Doc Martens and survive rainy weather, make sure you check the fabric material of the shoe.

What I think

Since its conception back in the sixties, Doc Martens have been a respected name among workers working in harsh environments. These shoes have been designed to promote workspace safety and comfort. If you wear Doc Martens work boots, you are sure to have a productive day at your job. 

Doc Martens shoes are also quite affordable when you pit them up against other expensive brands like Timberlands. And when it comes to your safety at work, you should never cheap out. So, invest in a nice pair of Doc Martens work boots if you want to guarantee yourself a safe day at work. That’s all from me. Good luck!

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